Foaming Hand Sanitizer Poses Health Concerns


Asher Montgomery

Simple Hygiene Foaming Hand Sanitizer is district-supplied and may have health risks.

On the walk into and out of class, students make a split-second decision: to squirt on some hand sanitizer from a big white bottle reading “Simple Hygiene Foaming Hand Sanitizer” or to skip it. Recently there have been some health concerns popping up in the school district regarding this germ-killing solution. Most students use this hand sanitizer daily unaware of the possible risks it may pose.  

 The school district has promised a safe return to school with proper safety precautions, according to a Buyers Point LLC invoice the district has spent over 50,000 dollars on personal protection equipment. However, they may have overlooked the possible health risks that come with the day to day use of these products.  

Page 6 of the original Fuller Industries LLC Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for the Simple Hygiene Foaming Hand Sanitizer lists as a warning a “possible reproductive hazard.” 

Fuller Industries has said that no mistake was made in the labeling of the hand sanitizer. 

Bianca Goolsby, an education activist who hosts a show called Teaching with Culture, brought this risk to the district’s attention at a school board meeting on Aug.28. The original SDS has since been altered after this risk was brought to the attention of the public, yet the company cannot show any records of any testing that would disprove the new results shown in the revised version 

Reproductive toxicity isn’t the only problem. This foaming hand sanitizer contains a chemical called DEA-C8-18 (Perfluoroalkylethyl Phosphate) which is linked to allergies and immunotoxicity. Immunotoxicity is an impaired capacity to fight diseases and repair damaged tissues in the body leading to a weakened immune system. DEA-C8-18 has high contamination concerns and is a toxic ingredient. 

With concerns over hazards found, Goolsby has taken an active stance in holding the district accountable. “It’s imperative that Hillsborough County School District is accountable, transparent, and operates with integrity,” Goolsby said. “The children and staff deserve so much better.”