First Day is Pushed Back Two Weeks


A slide about the calendar adjustment from Superintendent Davis’s slide show detailing push back plans.

In the schoolboard meeting today, July 23, the official school start date was pushed back to Aug. 24, two weeks after the original start date.

 In order to start later and still have the recommended amount of hours for each school level, several changes have been made to the school year calendar and bell schedule. This includes 10 minutes being added to high school bell schedules each day and Jan. 15 becoming the end of the first semester instead of Dec. 18.

During the two week summer break extension, there will be instruction and development about health and safety for district members, administrators and teachers.

Superintendent Addison Davis’s plan to reopen was also discussed. Davis’s plan is to provide the option of brick and mortar (traditional) learning, eLearning and virtual school. 

Hillsborough High’s district representative, Tamara Shamburger, voted against his plan.

 “Nobody has talked about the safety, and guaranteed it, for the students and staff,” she said in the meeting. “I’d always favor having a failing child over a falling or a dead one every day.” 

In the end, the school board decided to accept the plan and reconsider with new data in two weeks.