New Principal hopes to build upon Hillsborough’s traditions


Using a slide show, Superintendent Addison Davis announced Kelly King (top left) as principal of Hillsborough High School.

Kelly King, a long-time principal in the Hillsborough school district, was announced as the new principal of Hillsborough High School at the schoolboard meeting on June 9, by Superintendent Addison Davis.

“I do believe she’ll transition to make this school an A school.” Davis said about King. “Mr. Brady did a phenomenal job — he was promoted — but I’m excited about her leadership.”

King has been principal of Steinbrenner High since 2013, and she was assistant principal of curriculum there since it opened in 2009. She is sad to leave a school that she has gotten to know for so long, but she is also excited and ready for a new challenge.

Before Steinbrenner, she was assistant principal for student affairs from 2005 to 2008 at Freedom High School, where she taught Social Studies for three years prior. She began teaching at King High School in 2001. 

While rummaging through some boxes recently, King came across a photo of herself from elementary school. Underneath the photo, the teacher had her write what she wanted to be when she grew up. King’s elementary student self wrote “teacher,” and she realised she really had come full circle. 

When going into college, however, she didnt think she would go into education. But, she was inspired by a Sociology class at the University of Florida. 

“I found a whole new lens to look at life through, helping people and making the world a better place,” she said in an interview. She doesn’t have any regretts about her choice to go down the education path. “It’s been the most rewarding career,” she said. 

She does face challenges, however. This upcoming school year,  her main concern is the transition back into a normal school day. Because of the longer-than-normal break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it may be difficult for students and teachers to become reacculmated. An added challenge is dealing with the absence of guidance on how to handle going back to school while keeping students safe. “This year is going to be unique,” King said.

For now, her plan is getting to know the students and staff. 

“[We’ll be] continuing to build upon the great traditions Hillsborough has,” she said. “And to do that we’ll all have to be on the same page.” 

So, starting next week, she’ll be meeting with groups of students, over zoom and eventually in person, to get to know more about the programs offered at HHS and how they run. 

During her time as principal, she also hopes to make Hillsborough an A school.