New turf field to benefit everyone

With the pandemic halting school sports and the extra one cent tax increase gathering up it is finally time to get the turf field that coach Earl Garcia has been wanting for his teams for years.

“We have no practice field and have been practicing on the baseball outfield for 25 years,” coach Garcia said. “Plus, HHS uses the stadium field along with all of Memorial’s athletic teams as well as PE.” With the new field the team will be able have a place to themselves.

The football team is very excited to return with the new field. They think it will allow them to play better at home since they can practice on the actual field itself whenever they want. They think this new acquisition can take them all the way to state victory.

“I am really excited for it,” quarterback Caleb Pierce said. “Its going to look really good and you know what they say look good play good. Everyone is excited for it and it will be a new chapter for the team.”

“In the past, during rainy seasons, we would practice in either standing water or ankle-deep mud,”Garcia said. “Now we will be able to practice every day on it regardless of weather.”

Although the football team was the first thought when considering the new field, having it will also affect soccer players. “I feel like the new turf field will be an amazing change to the performance in soccer,” rising sophomore Samantha Joseph said. “The ball will move faster causing the game to be more fast paced and create intensity in the game.”

Girls flag football also uses the field. They were gaining momentum this season before it was shut down but hope to maintain that momentum going into next season.

“I think the turf field will be very beneficial for us to practice and play on,” incoming sophomore Maggie Michael said. “It will make the field more level and will hopefully limit more injuries in the future” Since the old field had uneven ground, divots and the mud that was created from the rain it was easy for cleats to get stuck.

The new field is expected to be done by mid- July, this gives the foot ball team about two weeks with the field before their kickoff classic.

This overall project is costing two million dollars out of the districts pocket.