FCCLA feeds the homeless


Junior Zach Long makes cornbread to include in meals for homeless families. FCCLA members also helped make cake and green bean casserole.

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) partnered with the culinary program to make meals for homeless families at Hillsborough. The club worked with the culinary program and cooked and packaged meals for five families of four to nine people each. 

The culinary program prepared 15 chickens as the main course of the meals, and FCCLA made cake, cornbread, and green bean casserole. The club also partnered with administrators and social worker Essie Giraud to ensure that the families were able to pick up the food they needed.  

After the meals were made, only three FCCLA members along with their sponsor, Jessica Raia-Long, met the families and helped them carry the meals to their cars. “We wanted to keep it as confidential as possible for the families,” president Sheila Kratzer said. “They were really happy and appreciative.” 

Once the meals had been delivered to the families, the leftovers were donated to those who had contributed. “The rest of the food we made went to some of the administration, like Mr. Brady and Mrs. Giraud, who helped us,” Kratzer said.