Administration introduces regular hall sweeps


Carolina Tortorelli

Sophomore Zachary Ashcraft walks to the bathroom with a pass during a hall sweep.

Starting at the beginning of the second quarter, the administration at Hillsborough has decided to do daily hall sweeps, catching students outside of class. The sweeps have been occurring multiple times a day, some being announced, and others unannounced. People caught out of class are sent to ISS for the remainder of the period. From the very first sweeps to the more recent ones, the number of students roaming the hallways during class time has decreased tremendously, but the won’t stop for as long as they’re necessary to keep students in class and on time, possibly until the end of the year.

“We have noted a quantitative decrease in the number of tardies,” Assistant Principal Mia Dellanini said. “The kids need to be in class from bell to bell and when they are not, they are less successful. We don’t want kids to be in ISS. We just want them in class and on time.”

Some students understand the purpose of the sweeps and agree that they are needed. “I think they are not bad because a lot of kids are skipping and they need to take care of their grades, and a lot of other kids would like to have  an opportunity to have an education,” junior Jokebed Galvan said. Others agree with the sweeps but don’t want administration to do them as much. “As long as they don’t overdo it, like doing it every period, I think the sweeps are fine because it teaches the students to go to class early and be in class,” junior Gabriel Abrau said.