Seniors crowned homecoming king and queen


Asher Montgomery

Cassie Truong and Jorge Vasquez took the stage as queen and king at homecoming Saturday night. “It was a dream of mine since I was a sophomore,” said Vasquez. “I thought, what if I won homecoming king? So I did.”

Junior Regla Gonzalez

To a deafening cheer in the Marriott airport Hotel ballroom on Saturday night, Jorge Vasquez placed the queen’s plastic tiara on his running mate, Cassie Truong’s head. What started as a joke to Truong, and a long-time dream of Vasquez, became reality when he asked her to be his running mate. Let’s learn a little more about the homecoming queen and king.

Cassie Truong

Last year, Truong considered running as a joke. “I thought ‘oh it’d be fun to run,’ then Jorge asked me if I wanted to run.” She thinks that she won queen because Vasquez has many friends he told to vote for her as queen. “He was very confident about campaigning,” she said. “With him I was a bit more confident but it was awkward asking people if they would vote for me.” Vasquez’s favorite thing about her is her personality. “She’s so nice to everyone,” he said. Outside of school, she enjoys drawing and watching Netflix, her favorite show being Criminal Minds. After high school, she wants to study nursing out of state.

Jorge Vasquez

Winning homecoming king was a dream of Vasquez since he was a sophomore. “I thought ‘what if I won homecoming king?’ so I did,” he said. He agrees with Truong and believes he won because of his confidence, and never doubting that he would win. However, he does not think he would have won with another running mate besides Truong because she brought in many IB votes. Truong’s favorite thing about Vasquez is his humor. “He’s very funny, very sweet, very friendly,” she said. “He’s also got a very cute smile.” After high school, he hopes to go to a four-year university to study Civil Computer Engineering, an interest of his since middle school.