SGA hosts new games at homecoming pep rally

A red and black mob of students file through the doors of the gym as the Big Red Band plays and the colorguard and dancerettes perform alongside. To raise spirit for the night’s homecoming game against Middleton, SGA hosted the annual homecoming pep rally on Oct. 25.

To start off the pep rally, the football team ran through a poster reading “Middleton Tigers Aren’t That Greatttt.”

Next the homecoming court was introduced; the senior court sporting white togas to participate in the traditional senior toga day. “I’m wearing a toga because it’s my last year here and we’re supposed to have fun,” said Lisania Soto, who enjoyed the pep rally so much she decided to stay and watch it twice.

When the homecoming court sat down, the dancerettes took the floor, dancing to three songs: Pure Water, Going Bad and Indigo.

The pep rally featured two new games, the last of which involved the newly formed rap club. Participants were split into two groups, the red team and the black team. Their goal was to freestyle rap a short verse relating to a word provided by the SGA members. The words included “Money,” “Optional,” “Battery” and “School.” After the verses, the audience voted their approval verbally. The captain of the team with the least votes was pied with a plate of whip cream.

Following the dancerettes performance was a game of musical chairs, where participants walked around in the center of the gym until the music stopped, then raced to find an open chair.

Lastly, the teacher homecoming king and queen were announced. Ashley Payne, wearing a red feathered boa and beret, walked to the center along with Frank Martin to receive their crowns. They were voted by the majority of the student population for teacher king and queen. “I appreciate all the support from the students,” Payne said.