Safety vestibule causes conflict


There has been quite the stir over the new vestibule that the school had installed. This $125,000 expense has affected everyone at the school.

Once 8:30 comes all the doors on every side of the school lock and the only way inside is through the vestibule located on the Central Avenue side of campus.

When asked anything about the vestibule, administration typically reiterates the fact that it’s “for safety”. However, students have other concerns other than the safety aspect.

“It feels like airport security,” junior Zachary Long said.

When tardy students approach the building to sign in, they must press the button to allow the door to be unlocked. There are three computers set up for students to sign in.

On mornings where there are a lot of students needing to sign in there is someone at the door who counts off groups of for students to let in at a time. Leaving the rest outside the school.

“It’s very time consuming as far as waiting in a line to get into school then waiting again to sign in,” senior Schniece Cookson said.

As another inconvenience the entrance is more of a distance away from the parking lots causing seniors to walk from the back lot and all over to get inside the building.

While students have concerns about the inconvenience, the rebuttal for that is that students should just be on time.

Teacher Jessica Raia-Long said the vestibule is better because now students are actually coming to class.

“Now I can see when they check in and I know when they were supposed to be here without looking up their whole schedule,” Raia-Long said.

Split feelings over the vestibule make for a slight grumble in the halls but the vestibule is here to stay and students are required to use it.