Alonso implements new IB program


Alonso High School

A new International Baccalaureate (IB) Program at Alonso High School will begin accepting freshman applicants as soon as August 2020. As districts get more competitive, Hillsborough makes multiple changes, adding magnet programs in middle, elementary, and high schools throughout the district, including the new IB program at Alonso, to expand choice offerings.

Currently, magnet programs are limited on the west side of Hillsborough County.

“The goal is to allow for more families to participate in this successful program,” Supervisor of Magnet Schools Robert Cox said. The change was decided upon the constant complaints made by families about transportation to magnet and choice schools. Cox said the change is going to be beneficial to the school, since the other four IB high schools have positive track records. “IB has typically a positive impact in students and parents,” he said.

In the early stages, the school’s IB program will be limited to the students within Alonso’s boundaries, but as the program grows, acceptance from other high school zones, such as Sickles, is expected.

Nearly 100 IB students that live around the Westchase area take about an hour to get to school every day. Transportation is a considerable problem for students at the program at Hillsborough High School. “It would definitely be easier,” sophomore Rutwa Shah said. “I think I would consider [attending] Alonso, but it would also depend on what else the school has to offer,” she said.