A recap of the key elections happening in Florida now


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Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum at final debate before polls close on Nov. 6.

For Governor:

Ron DeSantis (R)

DeSantis is the Republican candidate for governor. His campaign has focused on opposing tax increases and defending the First and Second Amendment. If elected, he plans to boost classroom spending and establish greater vocational and technical training in public schools.

Andrew Gillum (D)

Gillum is the Democratic candidate for Governor. His main focuses as governor would be criminal justice reform, gun safety, healthcare and LGBTQ equality. In terms of public education, Gillum plans to invest more in the public school system through increasing teacher salaries.

For Senate:

Bill Nelson (D)

Nelson is running for re-election to the U.S. Senate. If elected, his main goals as senator would be to create new jobs and address the effects of rising sea levels. His plans for public education include establishing more STEM education programs and expanding vocational training.

Rick Scott (R)

Scott is the Republican candidate for Senator. After serving two terms as governor, his goals as Senator would be to create hurricane response plans and continue tax cuts. Scott plans to continue to push legislation concerning treatment of mental health in schools and student safety.