USF is a Preeminent University; what does that mean for seniors now?

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The University of South Florida (USF) was designated as a preeminent university by the Florida Board of Governors in late June of 2018. The preeminent status is given to public universities across the nation to recognize the research efforts that they have achieved if they meet at least 11 of the 12 metrics, decided by Florida statute. USF joined the University of Florida (UF), and Florida State University (FSU) as Florida’s only preeminent universities.  This year, USF finally met the requirements to become Florida’s third preeminent university after years of effort to achieve their goal and will now receive additional funding to further develop their programs. 

With their new status and increased funding, USF has more resources to devote to their classes. Before, USF was classified at the level of “emerging preeminence.” This classification was given to universities that met at least half of the 12 metrics established by Florida statutes, and these universities were not as well-funded as preeminent universities. In the 2016-2017 school year, UF and FSU were the only two preeminent universities in Florida. At the same time, USF received $5 million, but now that they have reached preeminence, they are being paid $10 million. 

Senior Victoria Badia decided that she wanted to attend USF before their preeminence. “I’ve always thought highly of USF, but now it’s even better and I want to get in even more now,” Badia said.  “USF is so close to me; my family is here.”  

Senior Nicole Araujo wants also wants to attend USF after graduation. Like Badia, she wants to go to USF because of the proximity, but she also likes how affordable it is. “It’s definitely less expensive than other universities,” she said. Adding, “Even though it’s harder to get in to, I can just go to HCC for two years and then transfer to USF because I still want to go.” 

Not only is it closer, but USF holds its own against other universities. Eleven of their academic programs are in the top-50 in the national public university ratings, according to their website.  Senior Angel Perez wants to attend USF for this reason. “I want to go there because I want to be a college professor one day,” he said.  

USF is now one of Florida’s most prestigious universities. Since he thinks so highly of USF, Perez wants to receive his higher education there to achieve his goals. “I know people who went there, and all of them came out successful, and now I just feel like I need to work a little bit harder.” 

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