Open house welcomes students

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On Aug. 7, incoming freshmen and families flooded into the auditorium, enough so that administrators opened the balcony. “It seems like we’ve had a huge turnout,” Principal Gary Brady said.  

During the meeting, the faculty explained guidelines for the year and the Big Red Band, Dancerettes and cheerleaders welcomed the students with a performance. 

“I think it was pretty good, I liked the way he called out the cadences and I liked the halftime show,” senior Kamree Walker said. “I feel that the audience was tuned in.” Although it was Walker’s last Open House performance, she said she is most excited for football game performances. 

Following the introduction, IB freshmen reported to the cafeteria and traditional went to the homeroom locator and their homerooms to receive their schedules.  

“It was interesting being able to have teachable moments, showing students how to read the last name alpha range to help them understand where to go,” Assistant Principal for Curriculum Philip Morris said. “I was really happy to see that our kids and our parents had the ability to go directly to homeroom to get their schedule and it gave them the flexibility to visit classes in whatever order they chose.” 

Each year the Open House schedule differs. However, Brady felt that this year’s arrangement had fewer complications.  “It looks like the confusion was a lot less to me,” he said. 

In the cafeteria, clubs promoted their ideas to gain more members. Junior Alexandra Scott said not many students were interested in the Environmental Awareness Club.  

“This is a hard club to promote because people are just like ‘oh it’s just for a garden,’ but it’s a lot more than that,” she said. “We want to keep the ground up and make sure Hillsborough is as good as possible. It gives you service hours and if you are in IB, it gives you all forms of CAS hours.” 

The crew team is not sponsored by the school and is dependent on team members to sustain. At their table, they attempted a new recruiting approach. “We’re trying more to reach the adults because, to be honest kids are apprehensive to join crew because it is something different,” senior Nicholas Jeske said. “Because the parents are more enthusiastic about that, they’ll introduce the kids to it and when the kids are introduced to it, then they’ll have a chance to actually appreciate it.” 

Assistant Principal for Magnet Curriculum, Trisha Fitzgerald said she felt that the Open House was successful. To keep the momentum going, she plans to hold more meetings. 

“I think as long as we have frequent meetings where they can be reminded of things coming up and getting involved it will be a great school year,” she said. 

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