Hillsborough Students walk with Seminole Heights Elementary in a commitment to success.

On the front lawn, Kadina King (12) laughs with friends before directing students from Seminole into the auditorium.

A tradition practiced for many generations, curriculum is put on hold at Seminole Heights Elementary school to look at the bigger picture for a few hours. Early in the morning, students file out of their classrooms and line up under the balloon arch on the corner of Central and Hannah. The selected fifth graders carrying a banner and each following grade lined up behind them, about to start the walk to Hillsborough High School.

The walk has always been more than just a stroll to the feeder High School, its exactly 12 blocks each student walks, each block symbolizing a year of school the student is committing to complete. By the time they arrive at Hillsborough the elementary schoolers have committed to completing 12 years of education, they’ve made the commitment to success, to graduate. The tradition is one that is older than the students walking it now, it has been done for over a decade.

While it is such a simple task, the experience sticks with the students throughout their educational career. Current Hillsborough student who went to Seminole, senior Kiana Cothron still remembers what it was like to complete that walk. “Seeing these kids, I know they’re having a lot of fun and it’s very important because I ended up coming to Hillsborough and I hope it’s the same for these kids,” said Cothron. “I always looked up to the High Schoolers and now it’s surreal that I’m one of them and almost finished.”