Terriers Got Talent returns

The curtain opens and the showcase begins as a teacher and a Terrier dance together on stage, the opening to a night full of performances.

There were several acts throughout the night ranging from singing and dancing to rapping. The top three winners for this year’s talent show were Shahilia Hall, Nehemiah Brisneau and three-time winner Pearl Obioha.

Although junior Dioscar Montesino didn’t place, he did get honorable mention for his interactive dance performance. His performance began in the aisles of the auditorium and he slowly moved onto the stage and then back to the crowd. Montesino began dancing in the streets of London and moved here five years ago. “There’s not much to do outside of dancing in the street,” said Montesino. “I was bored and just wanted to try something. I get to express my feelings without speaking.”

Third place winner, Hall, sang the song “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” and was really grateful to have won. To her that song is a classic and holds meaning to her and thought that maybe it would hold meaning for somebody else as well. “The song means to me that no matter what you’re going through you can always have that one person that will always be there for you,” Hall said. “I had really supportive friends that were telling me give it my all and just go out and have fun.”

Second place winner, Briseneau, sang “Way Down We Go” which helped to motivate him through dark times. “The hardships in my life inspired me to go forward,” said Briseneau. “My life has been very hard at home but singing gives me that little light I have.” He feels that he is socially awkward but believes God has blessed him with the gift of singing because of his difficulty with speaking. In his future, he hopes to pursue singing as a career or some form of directing and acting. “I want to do this for the rest of my life.” Briseneau said. “I might do acting or directing because I love storytelling. But I have a big future ahead of me and I am going to get to it.”

For the third year, senior Obioha won first place. “I am excited and happy,” she said with a huge grin. “I feel like I came and saw it and conquered.” She sang “Rise Up” in remembrance of Ashley Perdomo, a good friend of hers, who passed away in a hit-and-run accident earlier this year. “I thought this was the best song to think about her and sing for her and everything we’ve been through,” she said. “It just stood for so much.”

As a child, Obioha said she was not a talker but instead found her way to music. “The church was where I needed to go and where I wanted to be so I fell in love with music and I know that is what I want to do,” she said. At her church, she is the junior choir director. However, Obioha wants to become a pediatrician. “Singing will always be one of my favorite hobbies and something I hope to pass down,” she said. It was her last year in the talent show and she said “I am going to miss the nerves and I’m going to miss being completely afraid but I’m also going to miss seeing all of the talent that I saw tonight.”

Duo Michael Simmons and Daniel Wimpee rapped and sang “Escape Kid Gol3 x Wimp.” They have been friends all throughout high school and are now juniors. “We just clicked automatically,” they said together. They are in a band called Vibetribe together, who’s music you can find on their Soundcloud. They both hope to make music together in the future.

The show did have technical difficulties however, delaying performances and the entire show overall. Nevertheless, students and audience goers still enjoyed the performances. “I don’t feel like the technical difficulties affected the show too much,” said sophomore Adalis Moody. “Because in the end we heard everyone sing and dance.”

The Sophomore Class Council assembled the production. Sophomore Council Vice President Emily Oliver said, “It was very stressful working behind the scenes but rewarding to see how it all turned out.”

Sophomore Jerry Truong said “the talent show was actually really fun, I got to see a whole lot of talent I wouldn’t have known about if I didn’t go.”

Video by Carolin Hearne
Video by Carolin Hearne