Earth Day celebration held in Positive Park

The Environmental Awareness Club hosted its annual Earth Day celebration this Friday in Positive Park. The celebration featured a performance from the school’s orchestra, presentations from students on environmental issues, and a butterfly release at the end.

School nurse Janice Vogt, who sponsors EAC and organized the event, believes the event’s popularity is due to where it is held. “I think because the garden is so beautiful and every year it’s more beautiful, people keep coming back to see how much it’s grown,” Vogt said. “What I hear is people say is it’s more pretty this year than last year.”

Several members of the club also created presentations regarding problems in the environment, and gave them to the gathered attendees. Freshman Lexie Scott gave a presentation on the problems in the production palm oil, a product that is found in 50% of supermarket items. “The Earth Day celebration was a good way to get the word out because there were many people there to learn about the environment,” Scott said. “Hopefully they take what they learned about how to make a positive impact on the earth and apply it to real life.”

The ceremonies are ended every year with a butterfly release. This year, the butterflies were released in honor of senior Ashley Perdomo and science teacher Jim Gabriel. Perdomo was killed in a hit-and-run crash earlier this year. Gabriel died at age 59 earlier this year; his wife attended the ceremony to release a butterfly in his memory. “You realize how long and short the year is when I remind you about two cherished members of our high school family,” Principal Gary Brady said in a speech before the butterfly release. “[Perdomo] will always be in our hearts and memories.”

“Earth Day was a huge success,” Fitz Rawls, president of EAC said. “There were many alumni and students and teachers that came out to support the environmental awareness club and all the work they’ve done in Positive Park this year.”