Teachers win top honors

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Teachers win top honors

Graphic by Madison Forbis

Graphic by Madison Forbis

Graphic by Madison Forbis

Graphic by Madison Forbis

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For most teachers, winning Teacher of the Year Award would be a once in a lifetime achievement.

But for her, it’s been there, done that.

Yolanda Driskell won the award five years ago. But just because she’s won before, doesn’t mean the award isn’t an exceptional accomplishment to her. “I’m excited to know that my colleagues recognize me for the hard work that I put in,” Driskell said

This is Driskell’s 17th year working at Hillsborough, where she has taught Algebra 1, Liberal Arts and Saturday school classes.

“In my heart I always wanted to be a teacher,” Driskell said. With a bachelor’s degree in business management and a master’s in math education, Driskell has found that the corporate world has helped her in her teaching career.

Driskell typically tries to break down concepts in the class. “I try to make it simplistic,” she said. “I think I can create a fun classroom environment when sharing my life with them, [and] sharing jokes with them.”

Her ultimate goal is to make sure that what she calls the “foreign language” of algebra is something that her students can understand and continue to excel at.

Clarke named top diversity educator

Jazmine Clarke was the recipient of this year’s Ida S. Baker award. “I’m gonna be honest, I was floored,” Clarke said. She teaches AVID and a College Success Skills Dual Enrollment course.

Her AVID class has recently taken part in Project Innovate, which provided each student with their own computer. “It’s allowed them to have access to scholarship opportunities and [the ability] to communicate with different colleges online,” Clarke said. “We wouldn’t have had that access if it wasn’t for the Project.”

Winning this award specifically means a lot to her because her godfather is related to Ida S. Baker, the namesake of the award. “I was really excited that the new faculty that have come in see that I actually try to help my students and all students in this high school succeed,” she said.

Even in her 10th year of teaching, she continues to have former students come back and call her “Mama Clarke” and invite her over for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Fugate earns support employee award

The job title of Assistant Principal Curriculum Secretary encompasses a wide array of responsibilities, which earned Lindsey Fugate the Non-Instructional Employee of the Year Award.Fugate takes care of calling in substitute teachers, covers emergencies in addition to handling testing, non-sponsored field trips and report cards.

Fugate says her job is something she puts her all in, it’s easy to tell how much Fugate cares about her job simply by asking her about it. “I want to try and help the teachers, student body and administrators as much as I can,” Fugate said.

On being the recipient of the Non-Instructional Employee of the Year award, Fugate felt a range of emotions. “I can’t explain how it makes me feel, I truly believe that I’m loved here [and] that’s the best feeling in the world.”

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