Broken A/C unit leaves parts of Hillsborough heated

The temperature in the 500 building exceeds outside temperatures.

UPDATE, Sept. 7: The temporary A/C unit is operational and temperatures are closer to 75 degrees.

Summer is over, but temperatures were rising this morning at Hillsborough High School.

From the view of the H Patio, windows were open as teachers attempted to get a small breeze in the classroom. The air conditioning unit for the 140 and 500 halls is blown, and was not repaired fully despite someone coming to fix it on Thursday and Friday. The county “was able to generate some air … it’s cooling at about 20 percent,” said Mick Boddie, assistant principal for administration.

But this problem goes beyond the administration. Once it is reported, it is in the hands of the county to come and repair the air conditioning unit.

As of 9:30 a.m., a temporary portable system coming from Jacksonville was on U.S. 301, headed toward Tampa. It would have arrived sooner, Boddie said, if not for delays related to Hurricane Hermine.

Some classes had to relocated due to it being “too hot to think,” according to freshman Jeremiah Colon.

The H Patio was a cooler alternative than an 85.7 degree classroom in the 500 hall. In first period, six teachers moved their classes there, where the temperature was 75 degrees with a slight breeze blowing the moss on the oak trees.

“Inside, some people might get frustrated because it’s so hot … but outside with the breeze, it’s easier,” said junior Zachary Bozarth.

Teachers in the 140 and 500 halls are getting heated as well.

English/reading teacher Marline Garcia said it was “disappointing that kids are being taught in such conditions, especially in Florida weather.”

Additional reporting by Journalism I students