Student participates at the county-wide poetry jam

Last Friday senior Yuliya Kozina competed with other students around the county in a poetry jam at the Performing Arts Center. The students that competed at this event were all winners at their individual schools for writing and performing a creative poem.

Hundreds and parents and friends were present to watch the young poets speak. Most of the poets including Kozina performed spoken word poetry. This form of poetry is different because it has a relatively free form, uses rhythmic beats, and repetition. Spoken word poetry can also be used to tell a personal story for the poet’s life.

Also among the crowd was all of the media specialists from each school represented. Barbara Magee was also present representing Kozina and Hillsborough. Magee said, “It was a great evening. Each student performed their poem, and Yuliya did an awesome job. She memorized her poem, and she represented Hillsborough high school well. I think she should have placed. The event was so crowded there was standing room only. Overall she did a phenomenal job.”

There were three presenters who helped the students craft poetry at their schools and were also present for the county wide poetry jam. Nyssa Rhiannon Hanger, Kwabena Dinizulu and Ranney Lawrence talked about poetry as an art form and why it is important for poetry to be utilized in school.

Kozina’s poem was about growing up. She used various methods to convey meaning by using a drumming sound as well as historical allusions. Kozina said, “The poem was supp

Senior Yuliya Kozina presents her poem at the county-wide poetry jam.
Senior Yuliya Kozina presents her poem at the county-wide poetry jam.

osed to represent growing up from the corruption of innocence as you learn more.”

One line from Kozina’s poem read, “Consonants and sounds are not hollow and do pound like the drum rhythm still in my mind and in the hearts of the hopeful and in the guts of the pained.”

The third place poem was awarded to Marlo Marbra from Chamberlain high school, second place was awarded to Harold Shaw at Wharton high school, and first place was awarded to Jamie Dawson at King high school.

Although Kozina did not place, she reflected, “It was a great learning experience and I met some very talented people.”