Yuliya Beverly: The Digital Artist



Freshman Yuliya Beverly is working on *insert app name* touching up her latest digital art project. She uses her Apple Pencil and iPad Pro to make art.

Sitting alone at her bedroom desk, iPad Pro flat on the table and Apple Pencil gripped in her hand, Freshman Yuliya Beverly spends countless hours expressing her raw emotions through digital art. With digital art, “I feel like I can do whatever I want, anything’s possible and I don’t have to worry about messing up,” she said.  

Whenever she is not working hard in school, hanging out at Starbucks with her clique, watching her favorite animes or reading manga, she’s actively exploring her artistic interests and creative abilities. Beverly started playing around with art when she was only six years old and began taking it seriously at the age of 10. Since then, she has been working to improve her skills and her style in hopes of becoming a better artist, “I’ve improved a lot in style-wise and what I’m drawing, like the subject of the art. I used to draw little characters I wanted but now I draw more emotional pieces,” she said. Most of Beverly’s current projects are stylistic and what she calls “vent pieces”, or emotionally driven art pieces inspired by the certain feelings she had in the moment. 

She also mentions that the deep emotion behind each of her pieces is what makes her work unique and different from others. “It’s different because it reflects the emotions I feel at that state, like I really only do art when I feel an extreme emotion that can be projected into a piece of art.” As a young freelance digital artist, Beverly yearns for more opportunities for aspiring artists. She wants to help others struggling with emotions and make them feel comfortable. “Anyone struggling can come to me and I can tell them, ‘You know, why don’t you just put your pen down and draw your emotions out.’…A lot of my work consists of vent pieces so I want people to feel like they can do the same thing as me, you can make mistakes and be free with your art,” she said.  

Some of Beverly’s favorite things about making art are the creativity and individuality behind it. “I did it because I really wanted to make my own world…I wanted to make my own universe that I could kind of escape from reality in and I love projecting my emotions onto my art so it was a comfort thing for me,” she said. One of her main artistic mottos is “with creativity comes endless possibilities.”  

Beverly is passionate when it comes to her art, but she wants to keep it as a side hobby and isn’t looking to pursue it as a full career. In the future, she has hopes for a few big projects and possibly even selling her work.  

Stylistic art and experiment with a lot of new styles