Jacob Alvior

Senior Jacob Alvior began learning music at a very young age. The piano and drums did not appeal to Alvior for long, and once his brother learned guitar, Alvior followed suit. 

 Alvior began to take serious interest in the art when he discovered John Mayer. “I always liked his music but near the middle of school I noticed how good his guitar playing was and started watching his hand movements in videos,” Alvior said. However, it was not until he attended a church camp in his freshman year that he decided to pursue guitar again. Alvior listened to a guitar performance from several kids his age and realized that he could learn it too. 

 Through YouTube, Alvior was able to teach himself certain chords and notes. He soon explored more formal avenues, taking classes from a classical guitarist. “That’s when I started to get really interested in the art, and instead of just playing guitar, I wanted to learn how to read music and make up chords,” Alvior said.

While he plays for the youth ministry of his church, Alvior typically keeps his music to the confines of his own home. “I normally play at home with my brother or for myself,” he said. 

Alvior plans to set up a recording studio in his home. “Music will always be my hobby, but I have no intention to make money off of it,” Alvior said. “I play because I love it.”