Christian Johnson, the Rapper

Sitting on the edge of his seat, he waits for the bell to ring. Time for HOPE. Naturally, he does his best thinking while walking. He walks around the track, only to stop a few laps in. He’s got it. The tune, the lyrics. All of it. 

Freshman Christian Johnson reaches his phone and begins recording the start to his new song. Maybe this one will go platinum.

Johnson has been rapping for nearly eight years now. “It naturally came to me because of my big brother,” Johnson said. His brother would rap with Johnson but took the art more seriously. 

It wasn’t until the end of elementary school that Johnson began improving his rap skills rapidly, so much so that his family took notice. “I was 11 doing talent shows and [rap videos] for my Instagram,” Johnson said. 

Eventually, Johnson knew what he wanted to do. “When teachers used to ask me what I wanted to be in the future, I [would] say a rapper, and I spoke it into [existence].

Similar to many up-and-coming rappers, Johnson mainly raps about his and his friends’ experiences. “I rap mostly about personal experiences but also a lot of what you see going on in the hood too,” he said.

 Johnson’s inspiration for lyrics comes from his everyday routine. “I could be in the middle of something and an idea will pop in my head with a tune, so I keep saying that over and over again and then another line will pop up and I end up with four bars that I write down on the notes app or on paper,” he said. Johnson usually creates his own beats and then raps to them, but sometimes he gets ideas from his big brother.

Johnson’s raps are a combination of modern mumble rap and classic rap. While he understands why some don’t enjoy mumble rap, he still appreciates it because it’s what he’s grown up with. 

However, he still tries to rap more meaningful lyrics from time to time. “I can show people I really know how to rap, so that people don’t underestimate me,” he said.

Johnson said that not everyone can be a rapper. “People want to rap just [because] they see the next [person] make it,” he said. “When you force it, the [music] won’t come out right. People are chosen for this, and it’ll come naturally to them.”

The young rapper’s family and friends have encouraged him to pursue his dream, supporting him since he began rapping. “My grandmother always told me that if you want to do something, do it all the way if you do it right.”

Johnson’s music can be found on ReverbNation and Soundcloud under his username “Baebaedaguddajit.”