Sergio Bogan, the Dancer

The music is blasting, his outfit is on and he’s warming up. He runs through his daily routines and starts to dance. Once his choreography begins, he’s very focused and relaxed. Everything about the way he moves — his feet, arms and head — all are coordinated with the beat and bass of the music. The way that he dances lightly on his feet seems like he has been taught professionally.
Self-taught dancer junior Sergio Bogan began his hobby at just 2 years old. At first, he thought of it more as a comedy but after a while he started to take it seriously. Inspired by the famous dancers, “Lez Twins”, the “Ayo and Teo brothers” and “Michael Jackson”; he wanted to be just like them. Never taking any dance classes, the dancer has made wonderful progress.
“I find that dancing is another way to show who I am and what I’m trying to say.” Bogan said. Not many people at school know about his inner side therefore he finds dancing to be a way to reveal his personality along with relieving any stress that he might have.
Currently, his two favorite songs that he likes to dance to are “Million Dollar Mansion” by Lil Keed and “Maybe” by Alina Baraz. He chooses the songs that he dances to by his mood and his feelings.
His favorite style of dance is Memphis Jookin which consists mostly of footwork. He feels the song more and can hit every note while dancing this style. “I was watching one of my favorite dancers on YouTube, “GirlThatsGrim” and he was doing this certain type of dance. I didn’t know what it was called but then I started to mimic what he was doing. Eventually I got it but I still didn’t know what the name was so I made a dance video doing the moves and I asked my fan base if anyone knew what it was called and they told me what it was,” Bogan said.
Since Bogan teaches himself he mainly practices at home but he also dances anywhere. Every day for two to three hours, he’s running through the routines and learning new skills. “I love all types of dancing. I just thrive more in hip hop.” He learns by freestyling and trying anything that occurs while he’s practicing.
Bogan’s consistent dancing of more than 14 years has influenced one of four of his siblings. His little sister, Rayana Bogan is now inspired to dance after seeing her brother’s marvelous skills. “I want to be just like my brother because I love the choreography that he creates,” Rayana said.
Being supported by many of his close ones [fan base] he continues to thrive in his passion. “We tell Sergio to keep dancing because we think that it could really take him somewhere in the future,” his mom said. His friends are very supportive of his hobby as well. “He’s so smooth, it’s amazing,” junior Asiyah Ali-Salahuddin said. “Omg Sergio is an amazing dancer,” junior Rea Jefferson said.
Not really yearning for a future or career in his hobby, Bogan continues to dance for fun. His passion for dance continues as he’s always ready to learn new moves for the future as well as putting on a stunning performance for all who watch.