The Triplets



Seniors Batatu Makemba, Julius Makemba and Mupunga Makemba made the journey with their parents from the Congo three years ago. “We came to America because life in Africa is very bad,” Batatu Makemba said. Their mother, Kashetu, and father, Matondo, managed to save enough money to move the family to Florida after only a short period of time.
Their father wanted to raise the triplets in a safer environment. “The crime was terrible in the place we lived in,” Matondo said. “Life wasn’t good.”
The move put the triplets in unfamiliar territory, but they enjoyed the faster pace of life in their new home.
The triplets are very grateful that their parents were able to get them all to America. Their parents worded hard to get them all to America. The dad worked six times a day for eight hours as a custodian at a restaurant, everyday coming home late trying to get extra shift for more money to support his whole family. Their mom also worked hard, five days a week for eight hours at the same shop as her kids. The Makemba triplets would work at store selling soda while also having to go to school. “For school my parents had to pay $70 for each of us,” says Palagwa.
Palagwa Makemba is the third youngest from the three and enjoys school the least but really likes his Digital Information Tech class. In that class, he gets started and enjoys working on the computer and learns about different programs using softwares. He also learns how to store information on the computer, information like data. Julius is glad that “here in America is free school, that why l like American, life is very very very good.” Back in Congo, Palagwa says that his family had to pay for his brother sister and him to attend school.
Batatu Makemba loves America but sometimes misses Congo. She says that while she lived in Congo all she wanted to do was leave, but now that she is here, she misses home. She said life was hard when she lived there, there was a lot of crime and there still is. The government there is not great, and the biggest problem is the violence and it is the poorest country in the world. Batatu says, “In my future l wanna be manager of government.” Her favorite subject in school is English.
The oldest of the three is Mupunga Makemba. He enjoys maths and like the rest is grateful to be in America out of Congo. When he was in Congo, he would take his job of making money more seriously than school because he needs to do well at his job to get money to be able to pay for school. Now that he is able to attend school that costs nothing, he says he can focus more on his education.