Hana Galvin, the Painter

Spending hours and hours on end in her bedroom earbuds in, tuning out the world. With nothing but her paints and a blank canvas sitting at her desk with her hair up and her glasses adjusted. This is where sophomore Hana Galvin likes to spend her free time.

Adrianna Rodriguez
Sophmore Hana Galvin paints a landscape in her free time.

Galvin started painting at a very young age but before she pursued that kind of art style, she would draw anything and everything that inspired her. “I first began doing things like drawing and painting when I was probably like 7, but it got more serious at the moment that I started middle school,” she said. Since then she has worked on her painting skills and says that she has gotten better and learned a lot. “I just adapted,” she said. “I would try and keep trying. I wouldn’t call it ideal/perfect but, after I kept on trying over and over, I progressed and got to where I am now.”She has been working to perfect her craft and she does this by focusing on her inspiration. “Sometimes I am inspired by pictures of things that I have seen or I’ll just think of something really cool in my head and try to make it.” She added, “I get inspired by a lot of artists that I have seen on social media and friends are also into art I will see where they are and want to do better.”
Galvin is passionate when it comes to painting one day, she hopes to pursue her dream art project. “A very big mural or something, I am not sure yet what it would be but something like really big, it would probably be wall art.” Wall art is her go to just like the art around Seminole Heights.
Even though she loves to paint she would not pursue it as a career.” I just don’t think it would be something I’d want to do all of the time. For a professional career I would pursue something more academic.” However, she says she will never stop painting because of her love for it. “I would probably do art as something on the side.” Just like the wall art in and round Seminole Heights.
Galvin loves to paint it is a hobby and a talent of hers that she has been perfecting over time and shall continue to work on. “Painting was just there as something I really liked doing and I just never stopped doing it,” she said.