Alynne Cawley


She played when the lights were brightest. The building was full of people anticipating what was to come, cameras in hand. Microphones were prepared to capture every elegant sound made from her instrument. Practice was necessary to come as far as she had and now, she got to play with the best from all of Tampa. She played the violin since she was five and got so good at it, she auditioned for the Tampa Metropolitan Orchestra and made it. The orchestra aspires to be recognized as one of the best youth orchestras and wants to reach the hearts of the young souls to try and expose them to a love of classical music. Alynne Cawley, a junior at Hillsborough, plays for this orchestra

Cawley loved being under the lights. She is never intimidated to walk out and seeauditorium full of people that are eager to watch the show they’ve practiced for months. “It’s really exciting,” she said. “It’s almost like an adrenaline rush when you walk out and see everybody. They clap for you it’s super cool.”

The Orchestra practices together every Monday until their big performancethey have two of per year.  Cawley is committed to being the best musician she can be so she puts in work even away from her orchestra. “I practice every day,” Cawley says. “Most of the time for an hour but the entire orchestra meets once a week at USF.”

The coolest part about the concerts for Cawley is seeing the crowd. “You see the conductor standing at the front, she says. “Then you look out and see a room full of people recording you and clapping for you and just smiling.”

Cawley’s peers say her attributes are what lead her to being successful. “She is disciplined, pays attention to detail and has a knowledge of classical music,” Avery Cawley, Cawley’s sister said.

Cawley’s traits are what lead her to success but she wouldn’t be as good as she is without her main inspiration. Cawley’s biggest inspiration to play the violin is her sister. “My sister started playing the violin in kindergarten,” Cawley says. “I saw her playing it and it inspired me to want to do that. I actually got the choice to play the cello but I chose the violin after her.”

Cawley’s sister still plays the violin and is also in the Tampa Metropolitan Youth Orchestra with her sister. Their bond is almost unbreakable. “We’re super close and always have been,” Cawley’s sister says.