No school Thursday. How will you spend your day?

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Spotted from a far Dylan Hidhd, Zachary Bateman, Anthony Tram and Jessica Marshall make the best out of the rain by sticking with tradition.

Students of Hillsborough High School are stoked about school being canceled tomorrow but these particular students were not aware. Hidhd, Bateman, Tram and Marshall have a Facebook page dedicated to the Dog House and how they eat lunch there every day – rain or shine – since freshman year.

“The upperclassmen told me don’t hang out in there. That’s where all the weird kids sit,”said Marshall. “So I automatically knew I needed to sit in the Dog House.”

The rain has never been a problem for the foursome.

“When it rains no one is sitting outside,” said Marshall. “So we have it all to our selves.”

*Editor’s Note: hover over the student faces in the image to find out how they plan to spend their canceled school day tomorrow.

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