Meet the New Assistant Principal: Jonathan Gunn



Jonathan Gunn poses for a picture during C lunch.

Jonathan Gunn is an assistant principal at Hillsborough High School. Gunn’s desire to learn new things fueled his interest in helping others learn. He wants to help people grow and become better. He has been a teacher for 12 years and this is his first year teaching at Hillsborough High School.
When he first started teaching it was hard because he was inexperienced, the kids did not act like adults, and he did not understand teenagers.
“It’s still hard but I know how to manage, and I’ve learned a couple of tricks,” he said. His dream is to become a principal and lead the school, so the first step towards that dream is to become an assistant principal. Like many other teachers, Gunn is a friendly and cheerful teacher. Three of his greatest strengths are he is easy to work with, he is flexible in his work environment, and he has a lot of self-control. His favorite part of school is the kids. Gunn does not like to ask for help, he is introverted, and he loves to work by himself. He has a lot of favorite movies, but he likes Terminator 2 the most. He loves to travel and wants to visit the West Coast, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas because his family lives there. He was born in Ohio so of course, his favorite sports teams are Ohio State Buckeyes and Cleveland Browns.
A quote that he lives by: “Be the change you want to see in the world.”- Mahatma Gandhi.
“Everybody wants to see something happen, but you have to make that happen,” Gunn said.