Tiana Mallory

In the beginning of September, Kenneth Russell, the football coach, asked sophomore Tiana Mallory to be the football teams water girl. 

 He asked her simply because the team needed a helping hand. Mallory asked if she could fill water bottles for the team since the coaches and athletic trainer had jobs. 

Mallory came up with the idea of filling water bottles from her friend Mariangel Borsegui. Borsegui was volunteering with the football game tickets and told her she should ask the team if they needed any help to get service hours for herself. She asked Coach Russell if anyone needed help with anything and he told her that they have a hard time getting film because there was limited people. The coaches assigned her water duty.  

 She loved doing her job. She made new friend and made her friendships stronger. Her having the opportunity to create bonds with the boys (coaches included) and help them out made her happy. She really comes in handy when the football players need water. “Tiana is very cool to be our water girl. She’s very caring and empathetic” junior Joesph Sipp Jr said. Senior Noah Miles, a lineman, agrees with Sipp. “She’s a very good listener and emotional I see her as a little sister.”