Stefanie Zimmerman’s Commitment Holds the Soccer Team Together

It’s Game Day.  

Fast paced music seeps from the speakers, the latest on her Spotify playlist. Scribbles of writing riddle the white board, entailing of a game plan.  

Goal 1: “Stay positive” 

Goal 2: “Make them werk 

Goal 3: “Stay aware” 

She’s established this pregame routine. A playlist is chosen, the starting lineup is announced, and the room quiets in concentration.  

English Teacher would be too broad of a term used to label Stefanie Zimmerman.  

After all, she sponsors SGA, teaches AP Literature and Freshman English, while also coaching the Girls’ Soccer team after school.  

Zimmerman can’t say for sure what lead to her involvement, but rather what maintains her place in it.  


“It’s the most important thing for a team,” she said.  

This means that there’s no tolerance for drama or petty conflicts. For five years, Zimmerman’s maintained this policy and has fostered well known camaraderie. 

Girls’ Soccer and SGA allows her another method to interact with students in a different capacity than just teaching.  

“I get to really build some great relationships that I wouldn’t normally get to build otherwise, and so I really enjoy both,” Zimmerman said.  


With her soccer team, Zimmerman’s coaching may be seen as unconventional.  

Growth – not winning- is what matters.  

“I don’t think the score is always an accurate representation to how the game goes,” she said. 

At times, a well-played game might result in a loss, yet all the goals set during pregame were absolutely met.  

Zimmerman’s objective this year, is to develop every player’s skill to the best of her ability.  

The relaxation of COVID-19 guidelines have also made team bonding more possible, which is essential to team relationships. 

“I really have a great time coaching,” Zimmerman said.   

With her love of the game, coaching, and the players, Zimmerman is likely to continue her robust involvement due to the connections that are fostered.  

It’s important to them and that inspires her.