Jazmyn Wajd’s Fasion Isn’t as Effortless as It Appears


Tammy Nguyen

Her fashion sense is iconic, but not as effortless as it appears

It all starts on Instagram, the search for the perfect outfit is a challenge but not something Senior Jazmyn Wajd isn’t up for. 

After her switch from Private to Public school Wajd started experimenting with her style. She calls it “streetwear chique”.  

Wajd is known amongst her friends as a “fashion icon” and upholds her title by not coming to school “raggedy” she says. Everyday Wajd does not to come to school wearing sweat pants and a hoodie but rather goes the extra mile to coordinate her outfits. At the same time she gives props to students who choose to come to school rocking the lounge wear. 

With a shelf on top and a dresser at the base pf her closet Wajds closet is structured to her liking making it eaiser for her to grab and go when it comes to her decisions on what to wear to school. Some days, Wajd will lay her outfit choices out where as other days she decides on her look the day before. 

Wajd’s process for picking out her outfit’s beings with scrolling on her Instagram explore page “I take inspiration from the different people I follow on Instagram and their outfits,” she said. Social media influencers Wajd takes influence from include famous Youtubers such as Derra Instagram models such as Larah celeste. 

Finding the perfect pieces doesn’t come easy, usually when Wajd imaging the different shirts and pants together the image in her mind falls through and the looks ends up not coming out as she had hoped.  

“Most of the time when I find stuff that I’m looking for and I put it together it doesn’t snap like how it’s supposed to,” she said. 

Wajd purchases her graphic tees from the men’s sections of various stores because they “always have the better ones” Wajd’s pants are also purchased from the men’s section but gets a size XS because  pants usually run bigger if you are a girl shopping for them. Wajds  most shopped at stores include Jurly, Fashion Nova, and pretty little thing. She also expresses the fact that going into stores she tends to only be limited to what is in the wrack “I like shopping online more cause you’ll have more options than if you shop in the store, “ Wajd said.