Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you have not found anything to wear here are some quick DIY last-minute costume ideas:

Snow White

All you’ll need is a curly short wig, ruby red lipstick, blue shirt and yellow shorts. If you want a bonus, try adding a fresh apple. 











Queen of Hearts  

Get your favorite red dress and red lipstick. To make a collar, structure a large piece of paper around your neck and cut it to the right size. Next, take a deck of cards and spread them out all around the paper collar, making sure to layer them. Lastly, either staple or glue them to the paper before fastening the collar to your dress.





All you need for this costume are round glasses, blue jeans, a white collar shirt, yellow sweater, and red or white shoes. To make the ears, cut out two small ovals from brown construction paper and hot glue it to a small black or white dollar store headband.







Basketball player 

This is a very simple costume for sports-lovers. Pull out your favorite team jersey and basketball shorts out of the closet. Then grab a basketball to dribble down the street.