Two Fire Alarms in the First Three Weeks of School Create Panic


Asher Montgomery

Students crowd on the football field during the alarm. Some choose to make the best of it and continue with their lunch.

Public schools across the country partake in mandated fire drills to familiarize students with emergency procedures. In August, Hillsborough High School had two incidents regarding the school’s fire alarms. 

Both incidents involved the false trigger of the school’s alarms and caused an evacuation. Many students and teachers were confused as to whether or not there was a real fire, as these were not drills. 

The first evacuation happened during A lunch, or 4th period. Everyone was led outside on the football field while administrators investigated. A few students began contacting their parents or guardian in worry while others simply waited for the time to pass.  

The second evacuation happened during block 14, or 7th period. This time, the possibility of it being a real fire was lessened and it was figured to be another glitch in the system. Some students and faculty believed it was another accident, while some believed it was real. 

Classes were disrupted over these incidents and a few teachers were not happy with the time lost from their lessons. Some students however safely took this as an opportunity to get a break from class. 

Nonetheless, Hillsborough’s students are well-prepared and will follow emergency procedures in the case of a real fire.