The Big Red Plan Hopes to Improve the Student Experience


Members of The Big Red Plan smile and pose as they collect money for parking spots in the senior lot.

Senior Azriel Webb has always been a Terrier at heart. Since her mother was a Reading Coach at the school, Webb spent every single day at the school during the summer. She noticed that the school was unique in comparison to several other high schools she visited previously. Webb says that Hillsborough has strong one-of-a-kind traditions, and diversity in the student body.  

 “People don’t realize what they have ‘cause I don’t think they’ve ever seen what another school [does not],” Webb said. 

So, with the intention of broadcasting this rarity, Webb began to brainstorm a plan in her freshman year. However, it wouldn’t be possible to execute it alone. It wasn’t until the end of her junior year that her ideas took action. 

That’s when she first recruited the Vice President of the Plan, Senior Maren Crocker. Before last school year ended, the two met with Mike Hurley, the President of the Hillsborough Alumni Association. Their meeting ended with the approval of Webb’s project and her objectives. Whether by charm or her connections, Webb got several other administrators and school representatives to endorse the Big Red Plan.  

“I think I had a credibility…administration has always said that I’m passionate…I think [they] saw somebody who cared,” Webb said. 

Webb then completed her lineup of officers with Senior Damion Huynh, the Organizational Manager, and Senior Adam Tager who acts as the Student Liaison.  

The Big Red Plan will oversee future school improvement projects. Which explains the extensive support. Webb’s goal is to overall enhance the Terrier experience at the school, especially since the aftermath of COVID-19. 

“We have a whole opportunity to make the school better, and to make a new normal,” she said.  

This fresh start includes a recent project to beautify the senior parking lot this Saturday. For an extra ten dollars, seniors will be able to paint their parking spot blocks with supplies provided by the Plan. The funds for all projects will go towards future student-oriented events. Other incentives for the class of 2022 are currently in the works but include the possibility of senior tailgates and much more. 

But it doesn’t stop there.  

The Big Red Plan, despite its current prioritization of seniors, will also reach underclassmen students using their Instagram account, which is ran by Senior Tammy Nguyen, the Executive Social Media Manager. Through social media they will broadcast tips and advice to sway students to invest in their future.  

Although the Big Red Plan is entirely staffed by Seniors, the Plan will continue onwards even after their graduation. Webb says that this will be the chance for long term involvement. 

“We want every year, from now on, seniors [to have] an opportunity to plan their year,” she said.