The “High School” Sweethearts


She was the new math teacher down the hall.  

When they met for the first time in 2014 at the first faculty meeting of the year, neither of them had any idea how much they would change each other’s lives.   

 Their first date was to Culver’s. 

 Growing up in Illinois, Alexandra Wehrman loved the fast food restaurant, known for its ‘Butterburgers’, cheese curds, and frozen custard. Her new colleague, Andres Florez knew this detail about her, and he knew that she hadn’t been to eat there since she moved to Florida. 

 So, when they went on their first date after over a year of working together, he decided to take her to Culver’s. 

 “I know that people think it’s so funny because it’s a cheap first date, but I loved it because I haven’t had it in years,” said Wehrman.  

 They took their food to the beach to watch the sunset.  

 Florez and Wehrman were both math teachers at Hillsborough when they first became a couple about five years ago and they have continued to maintain a strong relationship while teaching at the same school.  

 “We’ll just always be thinking of each other,” said Wehrman. “You work with your best friend.” 

 After being together for about three years, Mr. Florez made the decision to propose at the same beach where they had their first date.  

 After they got engaged, they chose to take their engagement photos at Hillsborough since it is such an important part of both of their lives. They had one of Mr. Florez’s past students take the photos of the two of them as well as their daughter, Vera, who was six at the time 

When students found out that two teachers were getting married, it quickly became a competition for who would be invited to attend the wedding. Florez and Wehrman went along with it, telling their classes that whoever got the highest test score would be invited, not intending to go through with this promise. Even after the wedding, they continued the joke by having a student pretend that they went to the wedding.  

 In November of 2018, they got married.  

 The wedding was relaxed and it was held at the Ybor State Museum in an outdoor courtyard. The food consisted of Piayas, a mashed potato bar, and more.  

 As his soon-to-be wife walked down the aisle, he was thinking only about how happy and excited he was to spend his life with her.  

 She was thinking about how out of the corner of her eye, she could see Mr. Michael Welch, arriving late and trying to push his way through the bushes.  

 For the past two years, Mr. & Mrs. Florez have continued to live and work together. Mr. Florez drives them to school while Mrs. Florez sleeps. They work down the hall from each other, and eat lunch together as often as they can.  

 Since they both teach math, Mr. Florez explained that they’ve only ever had healthy competition between their classes and use their relationship to learn from each other when it comes to teaching.  

Mrs. Florez generally agrees. “Except for that time my team absolutely crushed it at the Math Bowl,” she said.