Joseph Sipp Jr: The Inspired


Its Friday night and young Joseph Sipp is on the field watching his dad yell at his players. Dwayne Lawson who was Hillsborough’s QB at the time makes a big play as the crowd cheers with excitement. Sipp is thinking about how that could be him one day: sporting the number two like Lawson and playing for his dad.  

His dad, Coach Joseph Sipp is a coach on the team and was his original inspiration. As a young child, watching his dad play helped him decide what he wanted his own talents to be. Sipp originally wanted to find out what he was good at so he tried football first. He immediately knew he was good at it. When he told his dad, he wanted to play football his dad prepared him to play anyone. They trained all the time. 

Now, Sipp is a junior that plays running back and linebacker. Sipp recently dedicated this past season on his uncle and grandad who passed away. He really wanted to make them proud so he played harder just for them every game. Sipp always looked up to them because they were his role models. “My grandad always did the right thing when nobody was looking and had great integrity,” Sipp said. His grandad always wanted to see his games so when he couldn’t make the games Sipp would go home and show him the highlights. 

Sipp will always remember his uncle and grandad and everything they taught him. The best thing they taught him was how to fish. He would go fishing with his grandad all the time and his grandad was good at it so usually they caught a lot of fish. 

It was his uncle and grandad that helped him become the leader he is today. He is an important leader on the team because he is respected, and expected to be captain his senior year, so all his teammates listen to him. “Sipp is a great leader, he led by example, and was always vocal”, Justin Anderson, junior linebacker said. “Every day he comes ready to work and wants to set an example for everyone else. 

Sipp has never been scared to play even when playing at showcases and big games going up against top rated players. He currently holds division offers from Howard university, Colorado state, and buffalo and is looking to get more his senior year. His first offer made him very hungry to work so that he can get more offers and national recognition as one of the best linebackers in the country. With a big senior year coming up, he as a few goals on the year. “I want to lead the nation in tackles and get my team past the third round of the playoffs because that will help me get more offers,” Sipp said. 

If Sipp could go anywhere in the country it would be Oregon. His favorite college is Oregon and has always enjoyed watching them play because he loves their tradition and jerseys. He has always wanted to play for a big-time school like Oregon because he enjoys the atmosphere of the big games. Sipp enjoys the big crowds and knows he is good enough to make the big plays in a stadium full of fans.  

Another inspiration of Sipp is his major league idol Ray Lewis. Lewis is someone he looks up to so that he can learn how to become a better player. “He is a dog; he is the only person that can motivate me to run through a wall” Sipp said. Ray Lewis is known for being a great football player and hitting people hard, but what caught Sipps eye is his leadership. He likes how powerful Lewis’s speeches are.  

He believes he is good enough to play anyone in the country. Sipp’s career goal is to play professional in the NFL or CFL because he has put in so much hard work over the years.