Ethan Wright is taking precautions to stay safe


Asher Montgomery

Freshman Ethan Wright poses with his protein shake. In order to aviod taking off his mask to protect himself from COVID-19, Wright drinks his protien shake through a straw under his mask.

Freshman Ethan Wright is taking every precaution he can against COVID-19 while attending school. Along with the stress of starting high school, he is also dealing with the anxiety around COVID-19. “I try to minimize exposure as much as possible,” he said. This means washing his hands whenever possible, wiping down desks before sitting down, not taking off his mask during lunch and keeping distance from students who refuse to properly wear a mask. 

At the start of the school year, Wright wore scrubs, a face shield, as well as a N-95 mask. As the school year progressed, his routine has relaxed. This doesn’t mean he is any less careful. He continues to drink his lunch in the form of a protein shake so he doesn’t have to take off his mask. 

Wright takes these precautions for multiple reasons.  

“Originally my mom didn’t want me to come back but I knew Zoom learning would be ineffective for me,” he said. Wright’s mom is an ophthalmologist and although her work isn’t directly affected by COVID-19, she takes many precautions to make sure her, her staff and customers are safe when they enter her office. Her company supplies her with N-95 masks as well as goggles. Wright claims his whole family has been safer than most. 

Wright believes that by taking these precautions, he is protecting more people than just his family. He urges all students to wear a mask and be cautious at school to prevent the spread. Unless people are more responsible about masks, he does not believe the pandemic will end anytime soon. “The pandemic could be over in six months but if people refuse to wear a mask, it could be stretched out for two years,” he said. 

 When a vaccine approved by medical professionals is released, Wright says he will be the first in line. Until then, he will take all of the proper precautions to protect himself from COVID-19.