Rebecca Armstrong is tumbling through quarantine


courtesy of Rebecca Armstrong

Armstrong used to practice gymnastics on the beach, now her tumbling is confined to her backyard and tumbling account @becca.twists.

Since I am staying at home, I thought it would be the perfect time to finally put my life together. I started off with my room, the place I’ve been spending most of my time at. The furniture I had ordered before quarantine was delivered and assembled and my dad repainted my walls gray and lavender. Now I have a completely new room.

Another way I found to keep myself busy and active while stuck at home was learning new tumbling skills, like my front toss and aerial which I had been working on for a while. I try to tumble with my mats in my yard at least once a day for an hour.  I also have had some online tumbling FaceTime sessions with a few of my friends. We go outside and tumble together over the phone. When I’m tumbling, I usually film videos of me and spend a lot of time editing them to post it on my instagram tumbling account @becca.twists . On one of the many uneventful quarantine nights, my family and I decided to drive to an empty space to watch the sunset. I filmed a tumbling video there and it was one of my favorite things I’ve done in quarantine. It was so nice to be in a wide open space near the water and it felt really good to be somewhere relaxing away from schoolwork and my house that I’ve been stuck at. I’ll definitely be going back there again sometime to film.

During quarantine I also made two new friends that keep me company, Ollie and Toby. I got my first bunny Ollie at the beginning of quarantine. He’s just a baby and keeps me company while social distancing. I then got him a little friend, Toby, a little later from an old friend who was selling the bunnies her bunny gave birth to recently.  On his first night with me, I was holding him on my bed and Toby climbed on my back and then onto my head so then, he jumped off my head into my laundry basket and I had to get him out.

When I’m not playing on the porch with the bunnies or tumbling in the backyard, I love spending time with my family. My parents and I have been hanging out a lot, playing board and card games, such as Clue, Yahtzee, and 31 hearts.  We’ve also had a few movie nights and my favorites were Knives Out and Midway.

Easter is a really important holiday to my Christian family, so I helped my mom make our special dinner. We even used our nice china that was my grandma’s. The food was really good, we had turkey, corn casserole, red cabbage, broccoli and blueberry pie, made with the blueberries we had picked for ourselves. I’ve also been doing some baking in quarantine. My mom and I made Easter cookies and the other day I also made cupcakes and icing from scratch. They were cinnamon flavored and tasted amazing.

Now that we don’t see each other every day, I’ve been trying to FaceTime my friends frequently so we can stay in touch. I have a friend that lives in Georgia that I already don’t get to see a lot, so I try to talk to her very often. That’s how I’ve been spending my quarantine time. I can’t go out or see my friends but at the end of the day, I can still be productive and have fun.

As told by Rebecca Armstrong