Ideas for staying busy during the quarantine

Since we’re all stuck at home with no ability to really go out and do anything, here are a few things that you can do to pass the time:

  1. Clean your room: Let’s be real, when’s the last time you deep cleaned down to the random spots of dust in that one corner of your room? Well, now is the time. Purge your closet for things you don’t wear then organize what’s left by color and style. Same with your drawers. Clean your mirrors and just make the room spotless.
  2. Clean out your car: Get the water bottles from the backseat, collect all that random change you have in the cupholder, vacuum the inside, wash the outside, and change out the air freshener so that when we are allowed back outside again you have a sweet ride to drive around.
  3. Take up a new hobby: With all this free time you don’t really have any specific time constraints, so practice doing yoga every night, take up meditation or painting. What’s that one thing you’ve always said you wanted to but just didn’t have the time? Do it.
  4. Have a self- care night: Take off that old chipped nail polish, wash your face and put on a face mask, then take a nice bath. Add candles and music if you’re feeling fancy. Before you get out, take the mask off and do skincare as well as paint your nails. Just enjoy pampering yourself.
  5. Exercise: take up a new workout routine, there are so many all over social media, and stay in shape or get in shape during this time. Come out looking like a whole new person.
  6. Get Tik Tok famous: Follow any trend, come up with an original skit, or learn and perform any dance and your views will be up in no time. Not to mention the dances can also be quite a workout.
  7. Take pictures: Pinterest has a lot of cool at home photoshoot poses that anyone can recreate, you don’t even need another person to take the photo for you. Put on a cute outfit or stay in your comfy clothes, press that timer button on your camera and let the modelling commence.

We’re all just trying to keep our sanity during quarantine and not go crazy with boredom. Some things that students are doing to keep calm are listening to music, reading, riding a bike/spending some time outside in fresh air, watching Netflix, eating, catching up on sleep, and drinking green tea. Whatever you decide to do, try and spend a little bit of time off your phone, since even that can get boring now too.