Resources available at women’s health clinics


Graphics by: Alex Croft

While locations such as Planned Parenthood are sometimes just labeled as abortion providers, these clinics provide other benefits and services. Anything from regular check-ups to education for everyone on what safe sex means, beyond just abstinence. The services they provide are based on what you need as an individual considering your situation and age. Services of a Planned Parenthood include:

1. They can get you set up on the right kind of birth control for you and get you refills if the pill is the route you choose.
2. They offer exams and check-ups to prevent the spread of cancers or detect them early on.
3. They offer the testing and treatments for sexually transmitted diseases.
4. Planned Parenthood also provides pregnancy testing, pre- natal care and counseling about options available to you.
5. The closest Planned Parenthood to Hillsborough is located at 8068 N. 56th St, and there are also other clinics scattered around Tampa.