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Senior couple Joanna Hernandez and Zackery Johnson answer questions about each other in a Valentine’s Day game.

Multimedia: HHS prepares for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and students are already making plans to celebrate both on and off campus. The holiday, first commemorated in the year 496 to honor Saint Valentine, is now widely recognized as a day to celebrate love, whether it be with that special someone, with friends or even alone.

Every year, it’s common to see students carrying chocolates, balloons and teddy bears through the halls. But while many receive gifts from significant others, some students are choosing to celebrate platonic love with their friends. “I’m having some friends over to hang out and make cookies,” sophomore Anna Mullins said.

Others are getting presents to share the love with their friends. Sophomore Krishna Kothiya shared that she didn’t have after school plans for Valentine’s Day, but her lunch table was planning to exchange gifts. “I’m getting my best friends some chocolate,” Kothiya said. Sophomore Isha Modha also said she planned on bringing valentines for her friends.

Senior Sebastian Cuadrao and his girlfriend are both working on Valentine’s Day and decided to reschedule their plans. They have a full day planned to celebrate at a later date.. “So, we would make breakfast-have to have the pancakes-and then take a walk with our dogs at Philipe Park,” Cuadrao said. They are then planning to have a picnic in Dunedin, dinner at Timpano in Hyde park and to end the day with a movie. Cuadrao works as a referee for soccer games, and his girlfriend works at Salad Station.

However, Valentine’s Day isn’t an opportunity for romance for everyone. “For Valentine’s day, I don’t really have any plans,” sophomore Anika Balaraju said. “I’ll probably just be at home watching movies.” If you’re spending the day with nothing to do, be sure to check out our music and restaurant recommendations to turn a lonely Valentine’s day into a day for self-care.

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