High school sounded like this

We asked teachers what song described their high school experience:


At one point in their lifetimes, the staff at Hillsborough were kids too, and to relax, they would kick back enjoy some tunes.

For Michael Welch, Class of 2008, he described that on his first day of high school he was listening to a lot classic ’70s rock. 

“My favorite tracks were probably like Stairway to Heaven, Back in Black and Hotel California. It helped a lot to make friends and find common ground between us.” 

Music helped guide the teachers and administrators down the right path, and really helped them get through some tough times as well.

Administrator Travian Mitchell feels the same way. “I always say that OutKast wrote the soundtrack of my adolescence,” he said. He believes that music is what helps him identify apart from other people, and that old rap music is what represents where he is truly from.

“Me being from a town that is metro, and just outside Atlanta. Rap is real big in those parts. Rappers like OutKast and Goodie Mob are something that really influenced me growing up, and that I listen to on the regular,” Mitchell said. “You start to look at things for more than what they are at faith value. There is a song called ‘Thought Process’ that really helped me open my eyes.”

It’s not just rap music that can be held so close to somebodies heart. Math teacher James Fosco said  music really helped him when he was in college. He was able to make friends through their comparable tastes in music.

“I love Bob Marley. I pretty much love all of his music,” Fosco said. “It reminds me of back when I was in college, when I was first exposed to his music,” he said. He enjoys listening to reggae, and alternative music. “It’s very relaxing for me,” he said. 

For some of the staff at Hillsborough, music proved essential for them. It wasn’t just something to help them escape, but it was something that helped open up the world to them. “Music really helps to forget. All these songs really helped me get through, in terms of helping me understand the world around me, and also being able to sit back relax, and zone out,” Mitchell said.