New iPhone Leaks

Sophomore Jamaria Williams has a iPhone X, but doesn’t think she will get the next new phone.
Sophomores Jasmine Schmidt and Paige Boykins pose with their iPhones.

Apple, a dominant force in the technology scene, has recently launched their iPhone 11, and not even 4 months after the release, Apple’s next new iPhone model has been leaked. There seems to be new upgrades that Apple users will be pleased with based off information about the yet-to-be-released phone.

Apple has been adding more cameras, starting with the iPhone X and then the iPhone 11 Max which has three. People are assuming that new model could have four or even five this year. Although some enjoy the quality of the photos, others don’t prefer the look of them on the back of the phone. “I think its good, but I’m not a fan of all the cameras,” sophomore Paige Boykins said.

Not only will the back be different, but the front will change as well. The screen is growing larger, and the top notch  could be getting smaller or even disappearing on the leaked iPhone 12. Its been said that there will also be a change in size of the actual phone, adding more models than max and pro versions. Leaked information shows that the lineup will consist of the iPhone 12 4G, iPhone 12 Pro 4G, iPhone 12 Pro Plus 4G, iPhone 12 Pro 5G, iPhone 12 Pro Plus 5G and iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G.

“iPhones are ridiculously expensive and shouldn’t be, but I’m rich so it doesn’t [affect] me,” sophomore Jasmine Schmidt said. The price of the new phones will most likely be higher since they are coming out with bigger. 5G designs. “I feel that the iPhone 12 [will] just [be] a replica of the iPhone 11,” sophomore Jamaria Williams said. “I think if anything should be added then it would have to be that sharing battery charges with another person!” Despite that, there will still be a long line for the iPhone 12 outside Apple stores next September.