Students gain fame through TikTok app


Carolina Tortorelli

Sophomores Ashton Colson, Jasmin Schmidt and Shelby Coney make a TikTok in the cafeteria.

First it was Vine. Then it was Now, TikTok is the trending app that many students and teenagers use as an outlet to get laugh and interact with each other.

From showing your dance skills and creating relatable memes, to sharing your comedy skills or hidden talents, TikTok has become an opportunity for young people to get fame and recognition,  and some even end up becoming viral on accident. With new trends every day, ordinary high school students get “TikTok famous” over night and their lives can completely change. TikTok dancer Charli D’amelio has gained 8 million followers in only a couple of weeks, and many rising stars also gain thousands of likes each day. Some stars even make a profit from the platform, which was initially supposed to be a way for kids to have fun by making and watching videos.

In the hallways, bathrooms and even in the cafeteria many students at Hillsborough have been  having fun while making videos on TikTok. Sophomore Ashton Colson currently has 10,700 followers, with his most popular video reaching 108,900 views. “So basically, with TikTok all you have to do is have good lighting, know the lyrics and be entertaining,” Colson said. “It could be entertaining in any way. TikTok fame is possible for anyone.”

Sophomore Vinay Govindaraju was surprised to see that his first video on the platform received 220,300 views. “You can literally just do whatever and still get famous,” Govindaraju said. “My cousin asked me if I wanted to do one, and it actually blew up. TikTok just gives me something to do.”