Disney releases new streaming service


Patrick McCurdy

Freshman Anthony Aguilar uses the new Disney+ app that is available to download on any app store.

The release of Disney+ several weeks ago has led to a new wave of binge marathons for both new and old Disney fans alike. The streaming service has advertised itself as a more affordable option at $7 a month. Netflix costs $16 a month, so Disney+ offers a big discount compared to several other services in the market. 

Many people like the service because it has an assortment of shows and movies available.  There are over 500 movies available and over 7,500 episodes of television shows.  “It wasn’t something that we necessarily needed, but since we don’t have cable any longer, it does provide a lot more options than what we would see on Netflix or Hulu,” Assistant Principal Mia Dellanini said. 

The service is flexible enough in its content to allow users to choose their own experience. “I don’t watch the shows,” Freshman Dennis Seldon said. “I only like watching the movies. Disney+ hasn’t excited everyone, but options like “The Mandalorian” has helped the service go over well with Star Wars fans. “The only good thing on there is ‘The Mandalorian,‘” freshman Anthony Aguilar said. They are actually doing Star Wars right and the entire first episode was better than ‘The Last Jedi.’”

However, some people have complained that Disney+ doesn’t have enough content available. “I thought it was going to have every movie and every episode,” mathematics teacher Michael Welch said. “There is stuff missing. I was watching ‘The Simpsons,’ which I was really happy about, and some episodes aren’t there.”