Students react to first pep rally

We asked students what their thoughts were on the first pep rally of the year. Here's what they had to say...


Asher Montgomery

Fall sports teams compete in relay races during the pep rally.

What did you think of the first pep rally of the 2019-2020 school year?

“It was cool I guess. I’ve never been to one so it was different but it was really fun to watch and funny and very hyper,” freshman Gianna Dennis said.

“It just needed more hypeness and better music choices and extended time cause 30 minutes ain’t it,” sophomore Wesley Speights said.

“I think that it was boring like it was every year. They really need to update the music choice and have better performances,” senior Rulishia Perry said.

“I thought it was cool, but I felt like it could have been better, like maybe better games to play or new games instead of the repeats from previous pep rallies,” senior Saije Markley said.

“It was good. I just think that we should just have more games including other students rather than athletes and that would get the people not playing to cheer more. It’ll basically get other students more engaged in games and other activities,” junior Jayla Troupe said.