Students prepare for homecoming


Asher Montgomery

SGA reveals the homecoming theme as "Bond and Boujee."

Homecoming is quickly approaching, and many students are overwhelmed with excitement.

Homecoming is a huge event at every high school, and students all over the country are stressing over their outfits, hair, makeup and plans for after the dance. The group responsible for planning all things homecoming is the Student Government Association. SGA not only plans the homecoming dance itself, but also organizes the homecoming pep rally and the homecoming football game. Senior and one of the presidents of SGA, Anthony Allen, said, “Our homecoming venue this year has a lot of space, we have a grand ball room with three separate rooms. Our preparation this year is not as hard because our DJ is taking most of the work off our hands.”

During the homecoming pep rally, students will get the opportunity to get out of class and show off their school spirit as they participate in games, sing along to music and dance. “I am excited yet a little sad being that this is my last year here at Hillsborough. I am excited to see how everything is going turn out. I think SGA is doing a really good job preparing it and I’m sure that everyone will have fun,” Senior Amariya Hall said.

Homecoming this year is October 25, 2019 at 7:00 pm. Spirit week this year consists of Duo Day, Frat vs. Sorority, Way Back Wednesday, Bond and Boujee, and Friday is Red and Black day for underclassmen and Toga Day for seniors. This year the homecoming dance will be at The Marriott Airport.