Rushing to see the new clubs

Here’s more info about three brand new clubs this school year.

Students signed up for clubs on Sept. 12-13. Three of the new clubs are the Black Empowerment Club, RAP Club and Live Storytelling Club.

Live Storytelling Club

This club takes place during sixth period in Room 506, sponsored by Joe Humphrey. “This club is inspired by podcasts, I have really gotten into podcasts this year and I know some students who have as well,” Humphrey said. “We wanted to provide an opportunity for people to do what some of those podcasts did which is to get in front of a group of people and share their truth, to tell their stories. One of the podcasts that we’re inspired by is called the ‘Moth’ and that’s exactly what they do they get up on stage and they tell stories.” The club also drew inspiration from TED Talks. About 40 people signed up for the club.

RAP Club

Another new club is the RAP Club which stands for rappers, artists and producers. This club takes place during first period in Room 321 sponsored by Michael Welch. “One of my students Elijah Ellis who’s the president of the rap club came to me at the end of last year asking if I would sponsor,” Welch said. “I taught him in block algebra so we spent a lot of time together, we always talked about music, we talked about different things he liked and he thought I would be a good sponsor.”

The purpose of the club is to coach students on writing, performing and dancing. The club plans to become a bigger part of the school’s culture and eventually perform at school events like pep rallies. “My connection is just with the students, the students that I’ve taught in the past three years have been very very interested in writing and producing and performing music so my interest is in them exploring their goals and things like that,” Welch said.

Black Empowerment Club

This club takes place during sixth period from in Room 533. The purpose of the club is to empower its members and create appreciation for African American culture on campus.

“We want to create a better image for black people as a whole and aid those in our community that need the help but do not have access,” senior club representative Sandra Onyebueke said. “This club not only invites blacks but other cultures in order to introduce others to other cultures.”

Throughout the year, the club plans on participating in the school clean-up and other service events so that members can earn community service hours. Members will also help plan the Black History Month celebration.