SGA reveals homecoming theme at pep rally

Relay race competitors toss footballs, putt ping-pong balls in plastic cups, and drag themselves across the gym floor using two toilet plungers at the first pep rally of the year.

Jaden Shemesh

Fall athletes from the volleyball, golf, swim, football, and cross country teams competed in the dash to the finish line for the chance to reveal the theme of this year’s homecoming dance. This year’s theme, “Bond and Boujee” was revealed by the volleyball and swim teams to the student body, untying a poster surrounded by glowing lights.

The theme “Bond and Boujee” will take inspiration from the James Bond movies and add a modern twist.  ”We took it from the song ‘Bad and Boujee’ and it’s a theme we’ve been wanting to
do since our sophomore year,” SGA co-president Alyssa Scanlon said. Preparations for homecoming are well underway for SGA including meeting with the deejay, preparing decorations and creating committees. “We added the Bond element to make sure it would get approved,” SGA co-president Nyliah Clark said. “It’s really all about the glamour of the Bond movies.”

Jaden Shemesh

Along with the relay race for fall athletes and the reveal of the homecoming theme, students from each grade level were also asked to join in on a game of “Finish the Lyric.” Students raced from each corner of the gym to be first to the center and finish the lyric of the song blaring through the speakers.

The homecoming pep rally will take place Oct. 25, the day before homecoming.  Homecoming will be held at the Marriott hotel at Tampa International Airport on Oct. 26.