Tips to help you kick off the year right

It’s the end of April. Homework is piling up on your desk from every class. You glance at the stack of papers and say to yourself, “Next year I’ll have good habits,” right before diving into a new Netflix show. We’ve all been there, but with these five tips, you should have the most productive and least stressful school year so far.

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Tips to help you kick off the year right

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1. Take breaks from your phone

Try to pay more attention in class by turning your phone off and leaving it in your bag. Also try to stay away from your phone during the first and last hour that you’re awake every single day. 

2. Stick to a routine

Routines should help with reducing stress and making you feel more productive. Have a daily schedule for academics, exercise and sleep that you can effectively stick to throughout the week.

3. Use a planner

While it might feel unnecessary to record all your assignments and events in a notebook, it’ll truly make life easier. Using a planner allows you to see all your due dates in one place so that you don’t stress out.

4. Bring a reusable water bottle everywhere

Get in the habit of filling up a reusable bottle and bringing it around with you all day so that you drink more. Drinking more water can help hydrate your skin, prevent you from getting sick and give you more energy.

5. Make time for yourself

It can become especially hard to treat yourself when you’re caught up in a lot of stress. However, find time a few times throughout the week where you can scream the lyrics to your favorite song without anyone hearing, have a spa day or go to the beach alone.